The activity of wines trade "to be transported in closed containers" was launched by the founder Guarneschelli Carlo, born in Pavia, who, with the complaint of the 28 of December 1937 communicated to the Chamber of Commerce the opening of a shop for the sale of wines and spirits, mineral water, oil and beer, in Via Porpora, 157 Milan.
    Since it was built the building of Via Porpora 157, in 1937, within the walls of this store has been always traded wine, oil and other beverages.
    The presence of a fresco on the wall opposite the entrance does not leave any doubt about that. Inspired by festive themes ranging from harvest wine to the glass, it depicts, with bright colors, six young women with grapes and jars of the precious nectar.
    The place is so sacred to Bacchus and if you still do not believe it, just turn the eye to be completely surrounded by dozens and dozens of bottles.
    A wide and rich assortment parades, like on a runway, on the original wooden shelves as most of the furniture, recently restored with copper edging ​​entirely handmade .
    If you look better, you will discover, along with bottles many other delicacies like pate, pecorino and cookies from Pienza (Tuscany) to accompany with wines and to taste in the "theme tastings" which often take place in the store.
From: Botteghe Storiche di Milano (2006)